the wayseers

hello everybody, probably nobody.

i recently joined the wayseers, with virtually no investigation. i jumped in late on a live chat this morning. i was not impressed.

i watched their official video just now. i am impressed. somebody is definitly up to something.

who the hell is this garret guy, anyway? where the frock did he come from, and how come he gets to walk the planet looking like a goddamm greek god and speaking with the clear voice of a revolutionary organizer who needs no bullhorn?

i’m ‘a tellin’ ya, somebody is really up to something. 🙂

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ezekiel chapter 14 and the new covenant

13 december 2010

Donovan Bramwell

the most important passage of scripture in all the bible is jeremiah 31:31-34, the prophecy and promise of the New Covenant. the second most important is ezekiel chapter 14.

ezekiel chapter 14 is singularly remarkable, in that it ruthlessly and brutally casts into doubt every other passage of scripture in the bible. bounced against jeremiah 31:31-34, this is what it says [my blunt paraphrase]:

thus saith the Lord: if the people come to me seeking light and truth, i will give them light and truth.

but if what they really want is bullshit, i will give them bullshit. it matters not whether their preference for bullshit is conscious or subconscious, bullshit is what they will certainly get. if their minds are clear enough that they can receive the bullshit they desire directly from me, then i will give them bullshit directly. however, if in seeking bullshit their minds conscious and subconscious are so full of junk that they cannot receive it directly from me, then they will certainly go to a prophet and seek my word from him. and when they do that, i will give the prophet the bullshit that they seek, and the prophet will impart the bullshit unto them.

and they will receive the bullshit joyfully, because bullshit is what they desire. and i will give them bullshit generously, piling it upon them until they wallow in it up to their chins. i will destroy those people in the bullshit they desired: i will destroy them together with the prophet who imparted it unto them.

and this i do, saith the Lord, because i love my people. i do not want them to go astray from me. but i cannot prevent them from doing it, if that is what they want. so i give them bullshit to wallow in up to their chins, in the hope that with the passing of time they will grow weary of the bullshit they once so earnestly desired, the smell of it loathsome unto them, and in weariness of bullshit repudiate it once and for all, forever.

and then, finally, no longer desiring bullshit, they will come to me directly, sincerely seeking the light and truth that i held in reserve for them from the beginning. in that day, saith the Lord, they will invoke my name and ask me directly for light and truth, and i will impart it unto them freely, unconditionally. and i will be their God, and they will be my people. and i the Lord will erase their sin from my memory.

this is a hard saying. who can hear it?

Donovan Bramwell ‎


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