the wayseers

hello everybody, probably nobody.

i recently joined the wayseers, with virtually no investigation. i jumped in late on a live chat this morning. i was not impressed.

i watched their official video just now. i am impressed. somebody is definitly up to something.

who the hell is this garret guy, anyway? where the frock did he come from, and how come he gets to walk the planet looking like a goddamm greek god and speaking with the clear voice of a revolutionary organizer who needs no bullhorn?

i’m ‘a tellin’ ya, somebody is really up to something. 🙂


About donovanbramwell

by way of religious persuasion, i am an anti-denominational / old-testament messianic / celtic / neo-gnostic christian mystic. by way of political persuasion, i am an environmentalist / anti-corporation / voluntarist-libertarian / natural-law anarchist.
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