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by way of religious persuasion, i am an anti-denominational / old-testament messianic / celtic / neo-gnostic christian mystic. by way of political persuasion, i am an environmentalist / anti-corporation / voluntarist-libertarian / natural-law anarchist.

the wayseers

hello everybody, probably nobody. i recently joined the wayseers, with virtually no investigation. i jumped in late on a live chat this morning. i was not impressed. i watched their official video just now. i am impressed. somebody is definitly … Continue reading

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ezekiel chapter 14 and the new covenant

13 december 2010 Donovan Bramwell the most important passage of scripture in all the bible is jeremiah 31:31-34, the prophecy and promise of the New Covenant. the second most important is ezekiel chapter 14. ezekiel chapter 14 is singularly remarkable, … Continue reading

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this is my own personal blogspace. my home page is at:

this is where i will post whatever i damn well please, on whatever topics interest me, starting with metaphysics and religion, then politics, current affairs, the environment, music, literature, and whatever else captures my attention.

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